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A game changer in the field of natural health. 

Terahertz Frequency Benefits

1. Eliminates unhealthy cells
Terahertz frequency resonates and activates healthy cells
* All unhealthy abnormal and bad cells will be eliminated and absorbed
* Activates Inert Cells

2. Terahertz frequency will absorb and activate cells
with moderate temperature and eliminate dormant cells

3. Increases Self Healing ability in the body
Terahertz frequency induces and strengthens DNA and organic molecules and resonates with our cells and thus enhances self repair

4 Clears meridian and lymph points

5. Activates Dormant stem cells in the bone marrow
Terahertz frequency together with quantum energy can penetrate deeper
into the bone marrows, activate dormant stem cells thus creating brand new
organs and tissues in the body

6. Improve Microcirculation
Terahertz frequency dilates blood vessels, reduce blood flow resistance and viscosity

7. Regulating Glands
Regulate endocrine glands and protect our organs, Endocrine glands send out
hormones in the body normalizing the bodily system in the body.

8. Removes Body Humidity
Clears unhealthy body moisture and fats. Balances body’s immunity systems.

9. Best for Various Types of Inflammation
Inflammation, pain, Rhinitis, Pharyngitis, gastritis, inflammation, prostatitis,

10. Helps mitigate and remove pain and discomfort in the body
Shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, lower back pain, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica
and other types of discomfort.

11. Removes various blockages in the body
Meridian blockages, lymphatic blockage, varicose veins, weight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure.

12. Great for Skin Beautification
The Terahertz wand has show to be helpful with removing acne, acne scars, blemishes, anti aging, beauty, moles, various skin diseases and more.

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"The influence of terahertz electromagnetic radiation at nitric oxide frequencies (150.176-150.664 Ghz) on the functional activity of rat thyroid gland subjected to acute immobilization stress has been studied. It is shown that terahertz radiation totally normalizes thyroid activity in stressed animals within 30 min after application."
Article Here

Terahertz is an electromagnetic wave band between microwave and infared. The unique iTeraCare Terahertz Therapy Device resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, which is 2 to 17 THz, generating MILLIONS of therapeutic entraining vibrations per second into your cells and your body.
iTeraCare Terahertz Therapy Device waves are non-ionizing and non-invasive. Due to its low energy characteristics, terahertz radiation is harmless to humans and animals. It can penetrate many materials (i.e. cardboard, ceramics, clothing, masonry, paper, plastic, and wood). including your skin, between 20 to 30 cm, thus reaching and helping to optimize your bone marrow, micro blood vessels, and capillaries.


Bobbie Pasnski!!📣

I have been using my iTeraCare Device for almost 3 months now!
My knees are better than they have been in over 20 years!!
I never ever imagined being pain free in my knees again!!
A little background here, I have played many sports growing up and still play Pickleball competitively.
Racquetball, basketball, and softball, all played a role in the damage to my knees.
I have had surgery, clean outs, injections of cortisone and gel shots, physical therapy, icing, taping, wraps, braces, over the counter pain medication etc.....
My right knee is 90% bone on bone, non-repairable meniscus, arthritis, a lot of swelling.
My left was in a very similar situation.
I assumed; I would be getting a new right knee at some point.
The doctor and I both thought to wait and see if we could get as much time out of my knee due to my age 48 shhhhhh
I really just played with pain and limitations due to the mobility of my knees.
Then did so much self-care to just be able to get by until I did it all over again the next day.
Fast forward to today!!! 20 mins per day per knee of wanding..
I have very little swelling in my right knee (on occasion) which goes down. Basically, pain free, no more wraps or braces.
I take zero over the counter pain meds.
My knees look like knees again, I can squat halfway down to the ground. (Probably 25 yrs on that)
My foot work and mobility on the Pickleball court has improved substantially!!
I can tell you this, I no longer believe a new knee is necessary and I think I may go for an x-ray at 6 months, just to take a look..
Straight up amazing!!!
And I have so many other benefits happening along with the other thousands of people. I will be sharing more for myself and others.
"Be good to yourself, your worth it"


I have to say that I've had my wand for just over a week and I'm very encouraged about the energy I've had! 29 years of Chronic Lyme and though I've healed a ton from EOs and other holistic options, there are still some lingering issues. One is a consistent body temp of 97.6. I haven't been able to have a fever for three decades now more than 99. Fevers are necessary to fight infection in the body. Well after just a week, my hands have been warmer and I've had incredible energy that I haven't had in years! I need to take my temp after I've been up and around later but I'm so excited to actually be FEELING a difference!


I drank 2 glasses of the water for the 1st time on Saturday. This was normally what would have been the worst day of my menstrual cycle. Normally I will have horrific pain and don't leave my house. I've had exploratory surgery in the past just to try to figure out the cause but the doctors couldn't give me an answer. The pain will shoot down both my legs, I'll want to throw up, it's just horrible. Well after these 2 glasses of water I literally didn't have ONE cramp. Not ONE. I kept forgetting that it was even that time of the month which is just unheard of for me. I am blown away and this is with just drinking the water and nothing else. I am still currently pain free and haven't take even ONE Ibuprofen, which normally I eat them like candy for at least 3 days of my cycle. This wand is life changing already. I had been to the doctor before to even discuss getting my uterus out at a young age just because the pain was so much. I wish I had discovered this wand sooner. It is a life saver!  ❤ -Shelly H

Just got back from the hospital for my regular check up of my eye. For almost two years I have been injected with some steroids or whatever due to a bleeding in my eye where there was a large risk of going blind. 6 weeks ago I said "no more" even though they wanted to continue with the injections. They were very cross.... Today the doctors message was: "whatever you are doing - keep doing it. It is working!" OMG!! So grateful for my magic wand!!!

Many more nearly miraculous stories in our FACEBOOK group. Search for us there: WANDerful

This guy was in a construction accident. Tore his flesh from his bone. 4 inches of bone was exposed. The picture on the left was six months later. Two days after taking this pic he saw his doctor who told him he didn't think it was going to heal. He thought that if it was going to heal it would have by then. His wife asked him to try this device that her friend had. He was willing, but said he wasn't going to get his hopes up. He had tried sooo many things. The picture on the right is five days later.

This type of progress is not uncommon with this device. 

My friends mother was injured in a car accident. She's in her eighties. She was in a lot of pain, unable to stand straight and just generally miserable. She got a device and began using it and got pain relief immediately and was able to stand up again. She also said she shed ten pounds of water in one week. Wow. It cleared her lymphatic system really fast. She is thrilled. She had been going to a place where there was some sort of Quantum device that she sat by for an hour at a time. She said she did notice some benefit, but nothing like this. And this she can use at home.

I could tell you stories for hours on end. 
Find our WANDerful group on FACEBOOK. You will be glad you did.