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Dr.George Freibott: Physician, chemist, paralegal, has been helping the afflicted since 1978. 

Founder of the American Society of Medical Missionaries (ASMM)

His illustrious background includes: Diplomat, National Board of Naturopathic Examiners; Chief manufacturing consultant in oxidative chemistry and sciences, especially pertaining to the implementation of oxidative modalities in the mission field; Chemist, International Association of Oxygen Therapy; Massage Therapist, Florida Dept. Professional Regulations 

In addition he is a member of: British Guild of Drugless Practitioners, American Naturopathic Medical Association, American Colon Therapy Association, American Massage Therapy Association, International Tesla Society, BiOxidative Medical Foundation 

Author of: 'Warburg, Blass, and Koch: Man with a Message', 1990; 'Nicola Tesla and the Implementation of his Discoveries in Modern Science',

1988; 'Free Radicals and their Relationship to Complex Oxidative Compounds',

1991 LT: Dr. Freibott, would you explain how oxidation is the key to real health? 

Dr. F: We practitioners of Naturopathy view the body as an entity which must be kept whole, every organ intact, and every cell needs a regular supply of oxygen brought to it by the blood. Any symptom, or 'disease', is a message that some part of the body is not receiving enough oxygen and the body is trying to find another way to get rid of cellular waste products of metabolism.

When we treat disease by making the body's efforts to throw out the poisons, you're killing the. messenger who brings bad news, arid eventually the toxic state escalates into something more serious, the end point being that one dies of self-poisoning. That is the most basic, bottom-line reason for ill-health. 

LT: Give us more detail about what goes on at the cellular level. 

Dr. F: The blood takes food to the cells where it is used and waste products of metabolism build up. The blood also carries oxygen to each cell where it 'burns up'. (oxidizes) the waste products, resulting in carbon dioxide which is carried out of the body via the blood stream through the lungs. When insufficient oxygen reaches the cells, another gas is formed, carbon monoxide. The bloodstream does riot readily carry it out to be dumped by the lungs and the poisoning begins. Body temperature is reduced and the system is prey to external toxic influences. 

LT: Why might we not get enough oxygen? 

Dr. F: Polluted air with low levels of oxygen. Polluted, stale water - fresh water contains oxygen beyond that which is inherent in water itself. Poor food - wholesome, fresh, raw vegetables and fruits contain oxygen. Shallow breathing. Clogged elimination routes: intestines, skin, and the lungs. That's where the waste products leave and the oxygen comes into the blood stream. If any of those routes are clogged or restricted, less oxygen will get in. 

LT: How do we turn this around and get enough oxygen ? 

Dr. F: Much of this is so obvious that many people don't connect with it. - Deep breathing exercises upon awaking and aerobic exercise of some sort during the day, in a place where there is fresh, clean air. Moderate eating including much fresh, clean, raw food. - Detoxing to foster cell wall absorption. There are many aids to detoxing, including colonics, raw vegetable and/or fruit juice fasts, certain herbs, and introducing ozone into the body.

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen, that is, oxygen in its most active state: 03 or O2O. It therefore means a more generous supply of oxygen. The life giver and sustainer. Ozone is one of -the most energetic and useful agents known to science. Its therapeutic action is due to the oxygenation of the blood by loose molecule (free radical) of oxygen in the 03 compound and increases the metabolism without the expenditure of vital energy.

It is a NATURAL REMEDY. A sufficiency of this active form of oxygen for the blood means better blood, better circulation, better assimilation, better equilibrium of body temperature, better vasomotor activity, better digestion, better elimination of waste products, less chance of auto-intoxication or toxemia (which is the keynote of all dis-ease), better chance for the body-building, natural substances, and less chance of infection and disease.

There are a number of ways to bring ozone into the body. Water, when infused with ozone, will hold it in solution for up to 45 minutes. Drinking this water, douching with, or bathing in it is helpful. Ozonated olive oil rubbed into clean skin works similarly and the oil holds ozone in solution for a much longer time. A good ozone generator will accomplish the "ozonating" task as well as sterilize and decontaminate your air and water.

Blass Therapy products (i.e. Homozon) put oxygen groups into the digestive tract. Homozon and Magozone are magnesium based and release ozone upon contact with mild fruit acid such as fresh lemon juice in water. The powder is well-stirred into pure water and consumed on an empty stomach, immediately followed by the lemon water. Contact takes place before the stomach and moves directly into the digestive tract where it cleanses and then moves into the blood stream. 

LT: I've heard that we are living in a world of diminishing available oxygen. 

Dr. F: Yes, it's true. Mankind has not practiced good stewardship of the earth. The balance of plant to animal life has tipped. Current life on this planet developed in the presence of oxygen, so all animal, plant and mineral life is the result of perfect oxidation. Human and animal life is aerobic. Without sufficient oxygen reaching every part of the body, the being eventually dies of toxemia. Fungi, mold. and other bacteria form to decompose the tissue. Ozone present in the atmosphere at ground level steps in once more and oxidizes those lowly life forms to make matter available for another segment of life's never ending cyclical process.. And so we see that oxidation is the key to real health and also to the cycle of life on this planet. 

LT: A lot of people coming out of the 60's were called 'radicals". Free radicals destroy the body, or so we hear what's an oxygen free radical? 

Dr F: The free radical theory (a theory is an idea in the works, often accepted before being proven a fact) has been around since the '30's. Today many say all free radicals are harmful. That's a half-truth. Oxygen radical chemistry is necessary for all metabolic exchanges in the body. All free radicals are waiting to unite with another oppositely charged element (radical). The negatively charged available oxygen bonds with the harmful free radicals to allow elimination. Some years back a group of us at a costume party all dressed in black with a long white rope connecting us at the waist. We were the "oxygen free radicals coming to clean up the place!" As the chemical attraction beckoned one of us, we untied the rope and the oxygen free radical (O1) was free to explore and bond. 

LT: Would you explain to us the difference between Naturopathy and current medical theory and practice in the United States?

Dr. F: Naturopathy trusts the body to heal itself when given what it needs, whereas allopathic medicine is forever putting out brush fires, taking over the job of the body's defenses. It uses substances and/or treatments foreign to the body which may destroy the 'invading disease" or halt a particular deterioration, but the treatment often leaves the body weaker and the immune system less able to do its job. Eventually, "the operation is successful but the patient dies".

Allopathic medicine sees disease as many outside invaders which must be defeated with ever more powerful weapons; Naturopathy knows that dis-ease is an internal toxic state which has many manifestations. As Pogo wisely stated, 'We has seen the enemy and he is us!" It is not separate from us, but a wise part of the body's momentary processing,

As Naturopaths we follow Bechamp as our model, not Pasteur. The germ gives service to scavenge the dross matter of the body. Once the dirty growth medium is eliminated, the germs find no welcome host. 

LT: How have these two schools of thought developed? 

Dr. F: In 1843 the American Institute of Homeopathy, a German import, was operational here in the U.S.; the AMA followed three years later. Nature cure physicians, as well as eclectic practitioners, abounded. Political struggles began within and between disciplines. Specialization narrowed the doctors' focus while industrialization changed the focus of the family. Health's building blocks (fresh air, pure water, and clean food) were forgotten for the quick fixes of the pharmaceutical companies. These same drug cartel taught in the medical schools. Their false alchemy was often more inviting than a dedicated naturalist life style. We view health as the responsibility of our client; the Naturopath is a teaching resource to remind us of options to support and optimize the total health of the person. 

LT: Would you explain to us what it is that the body needs to be well? 

GF: Again, quite simply, pure, fresh air containing sufficient oxygen, pure water, wholesome food, and exercise. So if it's that simple, how do we become un-well? Let's start with an understanding of two words: toxemia and oxidation, We are familiar with the term "toxic waste". We see it referred to as the poisonous by-products of various manufacturing processes. The same is true in the human body. The body toxins are wastes of metabolism and, under healthy conditions, are removed from the body as fast as they are produced by the method of oxidation. Oxidation is defined as the ability of oxygen to combine with other substances to form water and gases. In the body, the process of oxidation occurs continuously. Without this process taking place, life would cease very quickly. We take on oxygen through our respiratory exchanges (breathing) and dispose of toxic wastes.

Our blood has the function of the uptake of oxygen, its transport throughout the body, and the disposal of body toxins. What stops this oxidation from taking place? When the process of elimination stops, the toxins which should be leaving the body back up into the blood supply. The body has several systems for removing toxins. The colon, genito-urinary, skin, lymphatics, and lungs all help to eliminate wastes. If one route is congested, another system must upgrade to maintain healthy vital fluids. If the various routes of exodus fail to free the body of waste products, more and more cells of the body cease to receive the oxygen that they need to maintain normal function and replacement. Dis-ease is the result. The body is out of harmony within itself and the toxic overload is difficult to bear.

Now, let's go back to the succession of elimination routes. Have you ever eaten something that doesn't agree with you'? Now there's an apt expression! What may your body do? Gas and diarrhea ... what is your body saying? "Let's get this bad stuff out of here." "Ah, how inconvenient. ...think I'll take something to stop that." When one has such an attitude - not paying proper attention to the body's signals, not correcting the problem in Nature's way at that time - the body seeks the next route of elimination, the skin, let's say. Outbreaks of various kinds will signal the toxic route. In the meantime, the various parts and organs of the digestive tract will be under stress because the best route of elimination is not doing its job. Various symptoms will surface, signaling restriction of service. Depending on the genetic strength, healthy input during childhood, and previous toxic stress, the body will respond at some point with failure of a part of itself.

Often the allopathic answer is to treat the symptom with a pharmaceutical which suppresses that signal or, alternatively, to remove the offending part. Can you think of a better way to handle it? Remember, only the whole body can take care of any specific problem long term. 

LT: O.K., I think I've got it. It's kind of like losing weight. If took you a long time to put ft on, now it's going to take some time to get it off. Do we want to clear the first route of elimination, taking the load off those fall-back systems? 

Dr. F: Right you are, and we want to cleanse all the other routes as well. How quickly we cleanse (detox) depends on the body's strength. I recommend the guidance of an accredited Naturopath to lead you in Nature's way to health. If the ill one is greatly weakened, fresh vegetable and fruit juice fasts for gentle detoxing and remineralizing may be in order. Juice fasts remove the burden of digestion from the system while providing needed nutrition. This lets the body save Its energy for cleansing.

Dr. Norman Walker and John Lust (nephew of Dr. Benedict Lust, father of American Naturopathy) have written helpful books on the subject.

Some of the cleansing procedures which we follow are colonics (gentle introduction of water through the entire colon to remove debris) and various baths and scrubs to open the skin's pores. The skin absorbs substances that are in the bath water, so it is important to have pure water free of chlorine and other pollutants. 

For complete health, oxygen needs to get to every call of the body to do its cleaning job. Otto Warburg, the great scientist and two time Nobel prize winner, said, 'Flood the body with oxygen!" How do we do that? The first thing that springs to mind is through the lungs. Take great, deep breaths of clean, fresh air, especially first thing upon awakening. Aerobic exercise will encourage you to breathe deeply. If your water and air are not pure, you may want to consider acquiring a high quality ozone generator to oxidize the impurities in your living space.