Ed McCabe


Homozon stands in a class of its own. You cannot fail to be impressed with this product. Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass, the inventor published many works around 1929 concerning his magnesium, calcium, and sodium-based products that release ozone and hydrogen peroxide in the body. And today many use his name to sell knock-offs of his product.

Homozon was probably created through collaboration of Nicola Tesla and Dr. Blass back in the 20's, 30's, and 40's. Incidentally, at one time they both lived in the same NYC hotel, so they no doubt would have spent many hours of conversation discussing their pursuits and experiments. Tesla was a genius and more than likely was the one who helped Blass optimize this wonderful preparation. For many years Blass made and sold Homozon and gave it to people. He had case history after case history, all showing the fantastic results that Homozon produced. At the age of 86, a black limousine pulled up outside his lab and two men got out and clubbed him to death in the street, according to his lab assistant. (A competitive ritual killing, oxy-Dr. Koch murdered same month and year.)

Homozon is based on a powdered form of pharmaceutical (not industrial or commercial grade) magnesium, mined from a specific site known for its desirable chemical properties. Homozon is completely legal for consumption and sale in the U.S. and has been in wide usage since 1898. Homozon consists of magnesium with ozone bonded to it by a special proprietary process. Magnesium with ozone is 2(MgO3)2, Magnesium ozonide. All other copycat products use only magnesium, or magnesium oxide, or dioxide. The knockoffs of Homozon don't use the special pharmaceutical grade magnesium, and they only bond oxygen, not ozone, to the magnesium. Bonding ozone to a powder (a gas to a solid) is a trade secret process, that's why no one else has the same high quality product. Only Dr. Freibott and International Oxydation Laboratories can make it. That's why Homozon is superior.

There is no way for you or the many distributors of the knockoffs to tell the difference because so much literature and labeling is deceptive, and all the brands will give you the runs because magnesium is a laxative. Many will feel better from just the colon waste liquification , but the huge importance to your health difference between Homozon and the imitators is that Homozon gives the loose stools AND delivers super high oxygen levels. Almost all the Homozon knockoffs use Blass' name in their ads and claim to have high levels of oxygen, and some will claim to have ozone (O3), but it's usually not true.
 Many sincere and well-meaning people have been parroting incorrect information for years about their products and assume loose stools are proof of the oxygenation. They will get mad that I said this. Only Homozon delivers the most ozone, and the ozone is what delivers the resulting high compounded oxygen levels.

The secret Homozon manufacturing process ends up producing a fluffy white powdered magnesium. When you open the lid of the blue cardboard can, you'll see the powder kind of float in the air. It's light, fluffy and velvety. It has so much oxygen in the powder that the agitation makes a little oxygen come out inside the can and holds the particles in the air. You can actually see it. It's unlike any other powder you've seen. Each can of Homozon has liters of oxygen bonded to magnesium powder inside it. Ah, but you say, the can is only about 6 inches high, so how can it have liters of oxygen in it? Through chemistry. The manufacturing process bonds and compresses the ozone into the powder. 

In Dr. Blass' 1929 literature, we find the following quotes:


"DISEASE is: Impaired health due to impure vital fluids. A clogged up and, in its normal functions, hampered organism giving food and lodging quarters for various parasites, growths, etc., to an unhealthy body!

As long as the digestive tract is not cleaned, there is little or no chance for the active oxygen to reach - passing through the capillaries and blood vessels - the other, especially the extreme, parts or organs of the body.

Frequent stools (from use of the products) will cease as soon as the digestive tract is free of waste matter, then nascent oxygen (even of large and frequent doses of the preparations) will be available for the purification of the blood and lymph vessels and organs; a heavier urination will take place and is necessary to carry off the waste products of the oxidation process. As long as only Magozone or Homozon is used, watery stools will be present until the digestive tract is freed of waste matter. These stools are the logical result of oxidation (oxidation means changing solid waste mater into water and gas); it has nothing to do with diarrhea and does not weaken the body." (The Homozon oxidizes waste so well that it liquefies.)

If improperly digested food matter or unnatural chemicals stay in the colon too long, the body tries to protect itself from these substances by producing insulating secretions (mucus), and you've got a bunch of usually clear and seemingly harmless mucus coating the colon. If it stays there you've created a favorable condition for anaerobic putrefying bacteria. Unlike clean new baby poo, your stools start to stink and you know some foods and toxins are simply rotting inside you, instead of being absorbed back into your blood. You're stopping absorption and increasing putrefaction, as in a stagnant swamp. You're bodily fluids, the lymph and the blood, end up always dirty, as though your body was a car that never had its air, fuel, or oil filters changed. A dirty machine doesn't function for very long and breaks down at the most inconvenient of times.

The oxygen and magnesium will eventually thoroughly clean the bowel. But as I said earlier, loose bowels are not in any way an indicator of oxygen delivery to the tissues and blood. Homozon is still the only product I know of that liberates many liters of oxygen per can. Having made that point, it is still true that any colon cleansing at all is going to increase some oxygen availability to the tissues of plugged up people, by making 'room' removing some cellular blockages. A lot of people and friends of mine have a lot of money invested in this market, so I'm taking a chance of ruffling a lot of feathers telling you the truth, but the people deserve to only have the best when paying good money seeking their health. Many who are convinced their oxygenating colon cleanser is as good as the original don't know what they're missing.

Manufacturer Protocol

Following directions on the label, mix the desired quantity of Homozon with water (distilled) and drink. Then chase it with the juice of half a lemon. Lemon juice is used because most people have insufficient stomach acid so they are unable to completely break the magnesium ozone bond. The magnesium cleans out the colon, and the ozone oxygenates and ozonates the blood.

Homozon can also be sprinkled on food. Mixed with water, it is a light, chalky-tasting white liquid that releases a large amount of oxygen immediately. This may be one of the most efficient oxygenators yet. The first teaspoon I tried had so much oxygen in it that it made me giggle, and my head swoon. Yes, I guess it was love at first bite!

Homozon Cleansing Reactions

It's easiest to start with a heaping teaspoon before bed, and when you get up, keep a toilet brush handy! Plan on liquid stool releases 25 minutes after a meal, and learn to momentarily hold the liquid in during the day or else you'll keep soiling your clothes. When you start taking Homozon, I guarantee that you will smell the most interesting and rotten smells coming out of your toilet that you've ever encountered. You will remember that German beer you had years ago that tasted unlike any other beer you've ever knocked back, and all of a sudden you smell it while you're sitting on the throne. Yes, some of that waste will be stored inside you. And you'll find little seeds and nuts coming out, charming pieces of things, along with strips of black matter that look like rubber tire pieces. Then you'll know your colon is having a good time! There's a mucoid coating inside the colon that gets too sticky if you maintain an acidic pH. It's all stored in pockets of old waste putrefying and auto-toxicating you every day until you get enough oxygen/ozone and water (or colonics) to clean the colon wall and throw the garbage out.

Most people don't have all these experiences, because most people never take enough of it. It's only the people who really have a disease or think, "I want to be sure I don't get a disease, and I want to clean my body out," who consistently apply the protocol several times daily for five or six weeks, or two-to-three months, and see how good the benefits are. They really clean out, and then they come back in a year or so to restart the procedure. This is the way to feel the true benefits of it. I once took it several times a day for months. I remember being amazed. One day I was so clean and had so much energy I felt 18 again, and my solar plexus was actually radiant. I had forgotten what that felt like, we all do in time. It's only the piled up waste that makes us feel and be old.

Homozon: by Ed McCabe - Flood Your Body With Oxygen

(2003, 6th edition)